Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications ehealth Unit of NCSR Demokritos Gatekeeper Winner

IIT Demokritos Ehealth Unit was chosen in the 2nd Open Call of the Gatekeeper project, the European Multi Centric Large-Scale Pilot focusing on smart driven data solutions for personalized early risk detection and intervention funded by HORIZON 2020 programme. Its main objective is to create a GATEKEEPER that connects healthcare providers, businesses, entrepreneurs, elderly citizens and the communities they live in. This connection between stakeholders will promote an open, trust-based arena for matching ideas, technologies, user needs and processes, aimed at ensuring healthier independent lives for older adults.

To this end, IIT Demokritos Ehealth Unit, will incorporate the iwelli4ageing pilot, to continue to extend the Gatekeeper ecosystem with other applications, tools or components which will be included into the Gatekeeper portfolio and offered to pilots and platform designers and developers. The iwelli4ageing pilot will address challenge 1: Prevention/chronic disease management, one of the 4 Challenges proposed by the 2nd Open Call. 

For more information about Gatekeeper, visit the project website  or follow the project on social media: 

RSCN: Panel of Experts

The RSCN wishes to create a select list of Experts in active and healthy ageing within a whole life course approach that may be called upon to:

  1. provide advice as a member of an Advisory Board or Expert Group to a project,
  2. become members of RSCN expert working groups
  3. contribute as speakers at events organised by the RSCN, or supported by the RSCN

Where an Expert may be required as a member of an Advisory Board or Expert Group to a project the individual will be required to agree their participation with their employer before taking up the position.

On occasions Experts on the select list may be required to submit a short contract proposal if this is required under the Grant Agreement for an EU or other funded project.

Depending on the type of engagement Experts may be eligible to receive a pre-agreed fee and/or reimbursement of expenses. It should be noted however, that not all engagements with, or on behalf of, the RSCN may entail such payments. The terms of each engagement will be clearly set out in subsequent documentation made available to Experts on the select list.

In particular we are interested in receiving expressions of interest for inclusion on the select list from health and care professionals, researchers, policy makers, business leaders, etc with expertise/experience in the following areas:

·  Artificial Intelligence (AI, and Machine Learning (ML)

·  Personalised Medicine

·  Comorbidity and chronic disease

·  Integrated Care

·  Public Health

·  Digital Health and Care

·  Food and Nutrition

·  Medicines Management and Polypharmacy

·  Scaling-up evidence-based solutions

We would appreciate if you can circulate this invitation to be included on the RSCN Panel of Experts List within your Reference Site or your Thematic Working Group.

Individuals interested in being included on the Expert Panel List should forward a short CV and covering letter to by 6 January 2022. The covering letter should set out the area(s)  the individual is interested in, key achievements in this area and any relevant research they have been involved on.

The selection process will also include a short interview which will take place in January 2022.

Inclusion on the Expert Panel List is not a guarantee an individual will be engaged by the RSCN.

New RSCN Thematic Working Group on Disease Prevention in Women’s Health – Call for Expressions

Population ageing is a world-wide challenge threatening sustainability of our social and health systems. The RSCN and its Thematic Working Groups have been working on the implementation of innovative good practices for a life-course approach to active and healthy ageing, where age transition represent critical periods associated with physiologic changes that influence long-term health and longevity.

The RSCN proposes establishing a Thematic Working Group on Women’s Health within the Thematic Action Area “Health Promotion and Disease Prevention”. The title of the Thematic Working Group will be “Disease Prevention in women’s health”. The Thematic Working Group will explore the challenges for women’s health during the life-course transitions, and the experiences to address them with innovative policies, approaches and technologies.

Membership of the Thematic Working Group is open to all Reference Sites and members of our other Thematic Working Groups. It will be of particular interest to clinicians, specialist nurses, researchers, public health consultants, patient organisations, and digital technology companies. In addition to representation from Reference Sites the Thematic Working Group will also include representatives from organisations in South and Central America as part of a collaboration agreement the RSCN has with the Americas Continental Health Alliance (ACHA). Further details on this agreement and other joint initiatives the RSCN and ACHA propose taking forward will be announced later.

Expressions of Interest in joining the Thematic Working Group should be sent to and copied to by close of business 12th November 2021.

GATEKEEPER Online Workshop for policy makers and NGOs

GATEKEEPER is the application of advanced Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), to address the challenge of improving the quality of life of citizens, whilst demonstrating exceptional improvements in the delivery of efficient health and care across Europe.
One of the actions we are supporting on the project is the identification of the “Needs and Requirements” from the GATEKEEPER solution. Over the past few months, surveys have been carried out to identify both the “Needs” and “Requirements” of pilot regions within the project as well as regions outside of its involvement. The latter addressed four specific conditions – COPD, Parkinsons, Heart Failure, and Stroke – with the survey targeting health and care professionals, patients, and informal care givers.
We now wish to gather the views of regional health and care policy makers and NGOs on their “Needs” and “Requirements” from the GATEKEEPER solution and propose organising an interactive online Workshop for this group in September.
The objectives of the event are to:

  • increase awareness of GATEKEEPER by providing information on the project;
  • provide an overview of the findings on “needs and requirements” from the surveys;
  • invite policy makers/NGOs to identify additional “needs and requirements” from a policy perspective;
  • provide feedback on any potential policy implications for regions from the results of the surveys.

The event will be held on Thursday 9th September 2021 and will commence at 10:00 Central European Time (CET).
The preliminary programme for the Workshop is as follows:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • The GATEKEEPER Project
  • Results from “Needs” and “Requirements” Surveys
  • Interactive online session to capture views on the Survey results and potential policy implications for regions
  • Interactive online session to identify additional “needs” and “requirements” from the GATEKEEPER solution from a policy maker perspective
  • Conclusions

EPICO (EPIlepsy COmmunication chAnnel)

EPICO (EPIlepsy COmmunication chAnnel) is an all in one platform to establish a direct communication channel between patients and their doctors, aiming at improving the quality of life of epileptic patients and better managing their disease and lets doctors have wider know-how about their patients and the epilepsy disorder. The final goal is to reduce the number of epileptic crisis in patients and reduce the number of emergency consultations related to epilepsy

Read more here

Υποστήριξη ατόμων με καρδιοπάθεια και η συμβολή των φροντιστών τους” – Παρασκευή 21.05.2021, 15:00

Το Ελληνικό Δίκτυο Φροντιστών ΕΠΙΟΝΗ υποστηρίζει τους φροντιστές ατόμων με καρδιοπάθεια και προωθεί την αναγνώριση της συνεισφοράς τους στο σύστημα υγείας. Η ΕΠΙΟΝΗ είναι μέλος της Ένωσης Ασθενών Ελλάδας, του δικτύου Eurocarers καθώς και άλλων Ευρωπαϊκών οργανισμών με σκοπό την διάδοση καλών πρακτικών υποστήριξης των οικογενειών των ασθενών. 

Η ΕΠΙΟΝΗ σε συνεργασία με τις οργανώσεις “Καρδιά του Παιδιού”, “Σκυτάλη” και της “Ένωσης Καρδιοπαθών Αξιωματικών Π.Ν. – Λ.Σ. και Φίλων” την Παρασκευή 21 Μαΐου 2021 στις 15:00 πραγματοποιεί webinar  υπό την αιγίδα του Δήμου Αθηναίων, του Ελληνικού Κολλεγίου Καρδιολογίας και μεταβολισμού,της Ελληνικής Ψυχιατρικής Εταιρείας και του Global HEART Hub με θέμα “Υποστήριξη ατόμων με καρδιοπάθεια και η συμβολή των φροντιστών τους”

Την εκδήλωση θα χαιρετίσουν πρόεδροι συλλόγων που υποστηρίζουν ασθενείς με καρδιακές παθήσεις όλων των ηλικιών καθώς και επαγγελματίες υγείας.

Χορηγοί: Νεφρολογικό Κέντρο Σαρωνικού, Emergency Help, Novartis (Hellas)

Χορηγοί Επικοινωνίας:, και 

Σύνδεσμος για συμμετοχή στο webinar:

Healthcascade NCSRD available fellowship PhD positions

We are looking for talented applications to join the @health_cascade 

PhD programme. We have One fellowship positions available with us (Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications (IIT) / National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSRD)) focusing on (Enabling Technologies to conduct evidence-based co-creation activities). Find out more & apply