Best Use Cases

Knowledge Valorisation and Awareness Dialogue among Business People and Newcomers for a Resilient Green Development- Business People in Green Dialogue: Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027 Key Action 2: Small- Scale Partnership Projects AGREEMENT n° [2021-2-TR01-KA210-VET-000049308]. The project depends on business women in the green development process and increasing women participation in this new upcoming green policy process for environmental sustainability. Duration Project Start Date 31-05-2022 Project total Duration 15 (Months) Project End Date 31-08-2023

CollibriWOMEN- Second Chance For Colibri Birds: Empowering and Increasing Capabilities Of Women-COLIBRIWOMEN Erasmus+ Action 2: Strategic Partnership Projects. The Ehealth unit role in the project is to contribute to the creation of a Distance Learning Platform to inspire female entrepreneurs in Greece and Turkey to overcame barriers and take their businesses to the next level.

HealthCASCADE – Evidence-based co-creation methodology for closing the implementation gap between knowledge and action in health promotion.”(HORIZON 2020/Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (MSCA-ITN)-Grant Agreement No 956501). The aim of the ehealth unit task will be to develop, experiment and validate open-source disruptive technologies, platforms and tools to enable Big data, AI and knowledge management techniques to facilitate evidence-based co-creation services in Health Cascade use cases.

The ehealth unit  together with the Spin Off company Syndesis Ltd will implement the QKD4IntelligentHealth  pilot within the realm of the OPENQKD project ( The aim of the project is to set up  a  real-world  use  case  where  QKD  technology  will be applied within NCSRD campus to  demonstrate  the  secure  data  transfer  of  encrypted  EHR  datasets  to remote  servers  for  analysis  with  AI  algorithms

The eHealthUnit will implement the iwelli4ageing pilot within the framework of the  Gatekeeper project. The pilot implementation starts on 1/1/2022 and has duration 12 months.

The iwelli4ageing pilot aims to integrate Electronic Health Records with the Gatekeeper platform and:

  • Simplify the implementation of IoT services for end users of the EHRs utilizing the Gatekeeper platform
  • Set up a more complex ecosystem of services in the platform to enchance the diagnostic, prevention and disease management capabilities for multimorbidity patients with cardiac diseases.
  • Set up an open-source plugin (Infobutton tool) that augments electronic records (EHRs, PHR) with intelligent search engines capabilities able to index and look through specific domain knowledge to guide the optimal treatment and support of multimorbidity patients.

We expect the proposed experimentation to prove that applying open-source IoT platforms like the Gatekeeper one can lead to better prevention and chronic disease management services.

The EU-funded VEDLIoT project develops an IoT platform that uses deep learning algorithms distributed throughout the IoT continuum.

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The overall objective of the PHArA-ON project is to provide support for Europe’s ageing population by integrating digital services, devices, and tools into open platforms that can be readily deployed while maintaining the dignity of older adults and enhancing their independence, safety, and capabilities.

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Greek Carers Network EPIONI participates in the Erasmus+ funded “Ecaris (Educating Carers of Kidney Patients)” project

Greek Carers Network EPIONI participates in the Erasmus+ funded project

Greek Carers Network EPIONI participates in the Erasmus+ funded RECADE (RECovery of Adults living with Depression and psychosis in Europe) project

Department of Physiotherapy, University of Western Attica, Greece participates in project entitled McHeELP project  (Motor control Home ergonomics Elderlies’ Prevention of falls) under the framework Programme Support of researchers with emphasis on young researchers – 2nd Phase (Grants 2019) of the program ESPA 2014-2020, Ε.P. Developing Human Resources, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020. Budget € 45.545,50

4th Psychiatric Department & Cognitive Rehabilitation Unit of the Psychiatric Hospital of Athens applies to elderly patients the following practice is a pioneering cognitive rehabilitation program in psychosis, the Study program. The program helps the participants increase the speed of thinking, exercises memory and attention and trains them to better solve problems and plan with their mind. It also helps them strengthen their emotions. Find more information here.  

INTERREG IPA CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION PROGRAMME GREECE 2014-2020 HealthNET – Primary Healthcare Network Start: 01/04/2018 End: 12/02/2020 Total Budget: 1.085.330,00 € Budget of NCSR Demokritos: 167.030,00 €


Start: 1/8/2017 End:10/7/2020
Total Budget: 927.549,94 €
Budget of NCSR Demokritos: 147.670,00 €


The proposed projects aim to improve access to primary health care in the rural cross border areas where population has difficult access to healthcare units. The projects promote social inclusion and combat poverty and discrimination as they provide healthcare services to people of remote areas who do not have easy access to healthcare structures

2013-2017: Development of Coordination Mechanisms During Different Kinds of Emergencies- COncORDE (Scientific responsible): COncORDE is a collaborative research project funded by the European Union under FP7-SEC-2013.4.1-4. The COncORDE project will develop a Decision Support System (DSS) to improve preparedness and interoperability of medical services during an emergency which affects the health of the population at local, regional or cross-border level. The project will incorporate existing operational assets related to security, trust and infrastructure and leverage them within the DSS. Total Budget 4.076.977,98 euros- NCSR budget: 214.536,00 euros.

2012-2016 : Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination – ProFouND (Scientific responsible): ProFouND is a collaborative research project funded by the European Union under CIP-ICT-PSP-2012-6. ProFouND will directly address the objectives of the EIP-AHA by creating a Thematic Network with 21 partners from 12 countries. Objective is to embed evidence based fall prevention programmes for elderly people at risk of falls using novel ICT solution in at least 10 countries/15 regions by 2015, thus to reduce falls incidence in those regions by 2020. Objectives are achieved, using internet and ICT solutions to facilitate widespread implementation. Total Budget 1,026,569.00 euros- NCSR budget: 81,534.00 euros.

2014-2016 NCSR pilot within the realm of the REAAL project (Scientific responsible): NCSR pilot – ReAAL is a collaborative project funded by the European Union under CIP ICT PSP – 2012 – 325189 – The project aims to increase adoption of an open platform that provides a standardized approach making it technically feasible and economically viable to develop AAL solutions. The platform will be produced by a mixture of new development and consolidation of state‐of‐the art results from existing initiatives. Total Budget 9,988,004.00 euros- NCSR budget: 62,100.00 euros.

2011-2015 Unobtrusive Smart Environments for Independent Living – USEFIL (Coordinator), FP7-ICT: USEFIL project is proposing advanced but affordable in-home unobtrusive monitoring and web communication solutions. USEFIL intends to use low cost “off-the-shelf” technology to develop immediate applicable services that will assist the elderly in maintaining their independence and their daily activities. Total Budget 4,622,870.00 – NCSR budget: 810,332.00.

2009 – 2012. Technology pLatform for the Assisted living of Dementia elDerly INdividuals and their carers (ALADDIN). 4th Psychiatric Department & Cognitive Rehabilitation Unit of the Psychiatric Hospital of Athens participated in ALADDIN project in the framework of Ageing Well in the Digital World AAL program The aim of the project was to utilise state-of-the-art in ICT in order to develop an integrated solution for the  self-management of dementia patients, and develop innovative tools to support this procedure. Total Budget: € 1.980.757