RSCN_4th Call for Reference Sites – Information Webinar


15:00 – 16:30 PM (CEST)

Last week the Reference Site Collaborative Network launched the 4th Call for Active and Healthy Ageing Reference Sites.

In order to support all those who are willing to submit their application RSCN has organised a series of informative webinars.

The first two events will have informative content and aim to clarify any questions regarding the Call.

In addition, during these webinars, participants will have the opportunity to share any specific questions and queries they may have which will help them in completing and submitting their application.

The link for registration is here


1.       Welcome

2.       Shared Experiences from Basque Region, Slovenia, and ThreeRiversDelta Reference Sites

3.       Introduction to the 4th Call

o  Principles of the 4th Call for Reference Sites

o  Definition of an AHA Reference Site

o  Completing the Application Form

4.       Q&A session

5.       Future Information Sessions

6.       Closing remarks

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