Educating Informal Carers

At the end of June 2020, the Erasmus + KA1 program entitled “Educating Informal Caregivers” was successfully completed. Board members of the Greek Carers Network EPIONI attended a training seminar by ShipCon in Limassol and enriched their knowledge by conducting working visits to organizations that support family caregivers in Italy, France and Belgium.

With the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Union and the cooperation of the Greek National Unit for the management of the program (Foundation of State Scholarships) were covered all costs (tuition, travel and accommodation ) related to the participation of members in the training seminar entitled: Efficient & Effective Project Management for EU funded Projects and to the visits to the organizations Compagnie des Aidants, ANT, ANS, Eurocarers etc.

Knowledge of project management principles is important for the organization EPIONI as it contributes to the effective management of the actions implemented.

Through the program, multiple opportunities were given to the participants of the organization EPIONI:

1) To acquire new knowledge on the dissemination obligations of projects funded by the European Union.

2) Prepare to meet the obligations arising from European Union audits.

3) Understand the importance of monitoring a project and the importance of self-evaluation

The members of the association EPIONI had the opportunity to be trained on the Electronic Platform for Adult Education in Europe

The participants in the working visits experienced in practice the operation of respective organizations in Paris, Bologna and Brussels.

This learning experience allowed the members of the Board of EPIONI to familiarize themselves with family caregiver support programs and to develop new collaborations, as they were given the opportunity to get in touch with representatives from other organizations and institutions.