IN-4-AHA: Second call for twinnings now open until 4 February


Dear colleagues, 

Happy new year! 

IN-4-AHA kicks off 2022 announcing the second call for applications for our twinning program. The first call for IN-4-AHA’s twinning program will promote knowledge exchanges regarding 7 innovative practices originating from EIP on AHA Reference Sites located in Spain, Portugal, Northern Ireland, and the Netherlands. You can read more about the selected programs in our website and in Futurium

You still have the opportunity to apply! There are still 3 open slots for new twinning pairs. 

Submissions are open between the 7th of January until the 4th of February 2022.


The total budget awarded for each twinning pair is 5.000 each, fund costs with travel, accommodation, public and private transport in and from the nearest airport and hotel or the Originator/Adopters address. The amounts can be awarded regardless of twinning type and it’s up to stakeholders to submit activities, up until the limit.  

What types of innovative practices are we looking for? 

Innovative practices to be scaled and transferred should also be aligned with any of the following goals and the link with the goal (or goals) should be clearly outlined in the application. The preferred innovative practices are affiliated with the following goals (aligned with the next European partnership’s ambitions to transform health and care systems):

  1. Improving the monitoring of health and care systems performance. 
  2. increasing availability of practical solutions co-created with end-users and stakeholders as well as ecosystem wide business models. 
  3. Improving the capacity to plan and carry out efficient investments in health and care systems at national/regional level. 
  4. evidence-based strategies and policies on transforming health and care systems. 
  5. increasing leadership of European researchers in the relevant field by increasing digital and health literacy among citizens and health and care practitioners. 
  6. increasing capacity-building efforts to facilitate the use of a common language among relevant stakeholders. 

Who can apply? 

Any stakeholder type (Policy Makers, Innovators, Need owners, R&D expertise, Investor & funding organizations and Business environment enablers), as long as they have a reference status themselves (see the attached Reference Sites List), as an institution, or are a part of a Reference Site (proved through a letter of support from the managing entity/coordinator of the respective Reference Site, or a link to the RS website where the organization is clearly represented) 

How to apply [DEADLINE: 4 February 2022]

By filling out the form provided in the link:

Or, alternatively, fill out the word document version of the form (attached) and send it to Cláudia Campos:

In case of questions, please also contact Cláudia Campos

The information in this email, including attachments, is also permanently available via Futurium

Reference Sites 2019 full list

Twinnings – QA

IN-4-AHA twinning schemes 2022 application form