The Vedliot Project

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to take shape, promising widespread automation and data exchange, one of the biggest challenges is to act on the data generated. The amount of data collected is huge, the computational power required for processing is high, and the algorithms are complex.

The EU-funded VEDLIoT project develops an IoT platform that uses deep learning algorithms distributed throughout the IoT continuum.

The proposed new platform with innovative IoT architecture is expected to bring significant benefits to a large number of applications, including industrial robots, self-driving cars, and smart homes.

The project offers an Open Call at project midterm, incorporating additional VEDLIoT-related industrial use-cases in the project, increasing the market readiness of the VEDLIoT solutions.

The Edge4iwelli pilot project

Syndesis Ltd has developed the iwelli IoT care package (a toolset of systems and applications) that can support healthcare services while in house.

The whole iwelli IoT concept is based on cloud services with the usual problems of security concerns, delays and environmental concerns.

We aim to decrease the utilization of the cloud to support the home care services by transferring and executing where possible AI and analysis models in house. The Edge4iwelli addresses the challenges of integrating edge computing systems in a smart home environment to generate home care services for health and wellbeing.

Within the realm of the project, we will embed in the existing iwelli IoT care package, edge computing systems and some more advanced AI modules and we will create a more secure and more efficient IoT care platform for proofs-of-concept in edge computing, optimisation and machine learning in home contexts.

The new tools (the health smart mirror for healthcare monitoring) and application libraries that will be developed, will enable the VEDLIoT project to manage the diverse and growing capabilities of AI and edge computing and the practical utilization of these technologies in the context of the smart home for home care services.